Catalist® is a great tool for a performing teacherand also for a progressive institution interested in maximizing its output of every classroom session. Students improve their Learning By Quiz (LBQ).

A teacher can input his own content into the tool using user-friendly interfaces before handling the class. Planning and preparation for any classroom session is inevitable for a teacher. The content can be in text or image or equation in the form of MCQ.

In the context of factors such as large size of educational institutions, classroom population, poor teacher-pupils ratio and diverse attractions or distractions faced by students, Catalist® offers a great solution that makes the teaching learning process very interesting and joyful.

Teachers can do a self-assessment of their own classroom sessions and use it to chart out a remedial plan for their students.

Administrator of every educational institution can in fact verify and validate that Catalist® really introduces a professional approach when it comes to teaching learning process in a classroom situation.

The purpose of introducing Catalist® in classrooms is not only to conduct quiz games, but also to learn and achieve many more milestones, that is why it is called a LBQ system.

Catalist® is a tool that can be used to increase the learning effectiveness of each student in a classroom situation.

It makes every class very interesting and joyful. Also, it helps to create a competitive context and atmosphere while learning as against the same environment created during exams.

If it is integrated into the classroom process properly, students will learn better and surely score more marks and no teacher can to go class without preparation.

Teachers become better professionals. As scope and context for self-evaluation is created by the tool, any performing teacher can use the tool in an innovative way to do his own self-evaluation.

Salient Features

  • Salient Features
  • Increases scope for more scoring
  • Improves overall class performance
  • Scope for Self-Assessment and Improvement for Teachers
  • Field Tested
This is a well tested product in classroom situations in many type of educational institutions such as primary schools, high schools, colleges, universities and competitive exam coaching institutions.
The test results are very much encouraging. Following are some of the benefits:
  • Improved performance (above 90%)
  • Joyful learning by students
  • Students get attracted to the tool
  • Use of ICT in classrooms
  • It is essentially a well thought out and specifically designed quiz game for a classroom teaching learning situation.
  • Four teams can play LBQ game simultaneously
  • As it is played, students also are given opportunity to learn from the game.
  • Team scores are displayed finally
  • Any number of times LBQ can be played
  • The content, which can be in text or image or equation in the MCQ format, goes into the system as user created MCQs.